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Teammates Featured in Gulfshore Life

In this Gulfshore Life Article, Jennifer Reed offers a “dispatch” – an interim report on a longer investigation she is conducting for Gulfshore Life to be better able to describe what it is like being a teenager today in the East Fort Myers/Dunbar/Tice area of Fort Myers.  Jennifer has spent a significant amount of time with our organization getting to know our Teammates so her reporting can be accurate, and not just an outsiders view of the community.


We appreciate Jennifer’s time and effort.  Her understanding of Pickup the Ball’s mission is reflected in how she first talks about our Teammates – how they feel about things, and what they want, and how they are the heart and soul of Pickup the Ball.  Thanks Jennifer!

Here is the link to the online version of the article.



October 13, 2015 | Case Studies, News, Testimonials | 0

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