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teamwork_logoTEAMwork is a partnership between employee, employer and mentor to lead young adults to success in becoming employed and realizing success in their employment. Participants sign a contract agreeing to high standards for behavior and performance at the workplace.

Train: Participants are trained in resume writing, application completion, interviewing skills, and what employers are looking for in order to stay employed long term. This training is mandatory for a young man or woman to take part in the TEAMwork program.

Employ: Pickup the Ball makes qualified candidates resumes available to local employers, and has relationships with employers who are familiar with the TEAMwork program.

Assist: Pickup the Ball helps participants get connected with employers, and prepares them for workplace including assistance in securing all required paperwork work clothes and transportation when necessary.

Mentor: Pickup the Ball, using a network of business people in the community, maintains contact with the participant and the employer to help interface with and evaluate participants. This mentoring process sets the participants up for success at the workplace, and, when transition is necessary, helps make sure that the process is done correctly.