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Leadership Course-1

The Tony J. Bridley Leadership Course is an intensive leadership course offered year-round that focuses on life skills and social issues designed to broaden the perspective of participants so they can understand themselves in a broader context of their lives and communities, and to assist them in setting a higher standard for themselves and the community they live in.   Course are offered in three main areas of study:

  • Individual Skills (focusing on personal skills, financial skills and higher education)
  • Interpersonal Skills (focusing on relationships with the opposite sex and leadership skills)
  • Community-focused Skills, (including  police relations, cultural issues, history, politics and community leadership)

Once a Teammate has completed all of the required courses, he will become a Team Leader, and receive a new shirt reserved only for those Teammates completing the course.  Team Leaders will also be eligible for assuming leadership roles and responsibilities within Pickup the Ball, and will be first in line for special trips and events.