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6mi6th Man In introduces potential mentors to the world of pickup basketball. Mentors are brought to a pickup basketball court, and introduced to some of the players involved with Pickup the Ball. Based on prior conversations with the candidate, one or more players may be identified as good fits.

Mentors are welcome to play if they want, or can simply just go to watch the player or players that have been identified. The relationship is allowed to develop naturally, and will not be forced on either party.

Mentors need to be aware that a connection may not occur immediately, but may require more than one visit. The more the mentor visits, the more likely a connection will occur.

Mentors are required to be background checked and screened.


Other Mentoring Opportunities:

TEAMwork: Be a mentor to a young man or woman to help them prepare for and gain employment, and stay involved once they are working to be a resource for them and the employer. Provide advice, encouragement and guidance as they grow into their jobs.

Tony J. Bridley Leadership Course: Come meet the participants in Tony J. Bridley Leadership Course and share some aspect of your expertise with them. You can review our curriculum and see where you might fit in, or suggest another topic that you can address to the students. The commitment would only be an hour or so, but consider staying open to any connections that might form when you meet the students, and see if that develops into a more long term mentorship and become a 6th Man In member.