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In support of its mission, Pickup the Ball has developed, and will continue to develop programs that support the players, connecting them with mentors, teaching life skills, and empowering them to lead their communities, their families, and their lives.  To that end, our programs reflect these values and attempt to provide them with the things they need the most so they can focus on providing leadership to their families and their communities.

All of our programs provide opportunities for the community to interact with the Teammates and thus gain a better understanding of the nature of pickup basketball and its place in the culture.  Each time there is an interaction, there is opportunity for mentoring, whether for an hour or two, or for a long term.

Teammates who have signed the Contract have access to all of the programs, however some programs may have restrictions and expectations which build on those in the contract.  For example, those participating in the TEAMwork program will have certain expectations of conduct, and access to the Tony J. Bridley Leadership Course may be limited through an application process in order to control class sizes.

We welcome members of the community to familiarize themselves with these programs and consider whether or not assuming one of these roles would be of interest.

Other programs are in development, and Pickup the Ball is committed to teaming with other local agencies to either refer Teammates to, or to provide aspects of the programs we offer.