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Pickup Vision Award Presented to “Basketball Cop”


“Basketball Cop” Bobby White became famous when he was called out to a noise disturbance in Gainesville, FL, only to find out that the noise was kids playing basketball in the street.  Instead of clearing the kids away, he joined them and, when he left, promised to come back with back up.  He kept that promise, returning with NBA legend Shaq O’Neal.

Bobby White has used the momentum of his internet fame to launch the Basketball Cop Foundation (, with a website soon to come.  The Foundation is providing police departments across the nation basketball equipment and balls that they can in turn give to kids in their community.  The result: a lot of kids who are getting a whole different take on law enforcement, and a lot of cops who are able to have great positive interactions with them.

Bobby White has been recognized by Pickup the Ball with the Pickup Vision Award, presented to anyone who has demonstrated an understanding of the power of pickup basketball in our urban neighborhoods, and who has gone the extra mile to support the activity and the players.  Members of Pickup the Ball met Bobby to present him the award and thank him for his devotion to the youth of America by supporting pickup basketball and sparking positive interactions between the police and communities all across the nation.

Please help support Bobby White and his Foundation, and look for future events involving The Basketball Cop Foundation and Pickup the Ball!



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