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FCA Addresses Local Leaders

Pickup the Ball sponsored a luncheon today, at the offices of Studio+ in Fort Myers, to increase awareness of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a national organization that provides mentorship to young athletes through the schools and sports teams.  Local for profit and not-for-profit organizations were represented, including other community centers, coaches, youth group leaders and business leaders who have an interest in providing opportunities for young people to share in the mission of the FCA.


“We had a perfect mix of people attending today,” stated Pickup the Ball President Ted Sottong, “people who can benefit from knowing more about the FCA, and from whom the FCA can benefit.  We look forward to seeing what relationships may have been sparked by today’s lunch.”

Pickup the Ball knows the importance of teaming with other community partners to achieve its mission of supporting basketball for kids, and supporting kids through basketball.  While Pickup the Ball focuses primarily on basketball, it is clear that other sports can present similar opportunities for lives to be enriched through athletics.

Pickup the Ball thanks Studio+ for providing the food and location for today’s meaningful luncheon.

Learn more about the Fellowship of Christian Athletes from this link, or by clicking on their logo below.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

May 24, 2014 | Events, News | 0

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