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Pickup the Ball goes to the courts where young adults play to connect them with mentors, teach them life skills, and inspire them to own the transformation of their communities.


…goes to the courts… We go to the youth where they live, we don’t make them come to us.  This is their home court, and we want them to always remember the game is being played by them, not for them.

…where young adults… Young men and women are entering adulthood without having been equipped with the skills to be effective men women.  They are in the position now to mentor and model behavior for their peers, younger siblings, and younger ball players, and soon some of them will be parents.

…play… In playing a sport, they have already learned important life lessons that give us a head start; lessons like sportsmanship, teamwork, health and hard work.

…to connect them with mentors… Mentors provide a one on one interaction that is the most valuable method for passing along information, modeling positive behavior, and passing along hope.

…teach them life skills… Whether a young adult has interested parents or not, they need information, or information from a new perspective to help make the well rounded adults.

…and inspire them… The goal is to give them the information they need to see possibility, to see hope, and to see a future for themselves and their community.

…to own… Rather than making the community rely on an outside influence to bring change, each community needs to make change happen from within, to make in meaningful and permanent.

…the transformation… Meaningful change is change in which the members of the community grow in their understanding of themselves and their place in the world while maintaining their identity, but achieving a higher understanding of it.

…of their communities.  When people grow, they are no longer happy living in an environment that refuses to.  The growth, then, needs to be transferred to others, effectively causing a ripple effect throughout the population.